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Is it a Girl?

Ever since I was a little girl, I had dreams of being a mom to little girls. Playing Princesses, bows,curls,tutus,PINK,PINK and more PINK! So there we were, 10 years ago, DINKS with a positive pregnancy test in our hand. In my head I thought, “I’d love a girl, but an older brother would be great.” Sure enough, when the ultrasound tech asked us if we wanted to know the sex of course there was a unanimous “YES” between my husband and I.  It was a BOY! We were both really excited, and he was healthy which was all that mattered. The second pregnancy came, and my urge for a girl was even stronger. This pregnancy was so different and I was convinced it was a girl. I got all the comments from people that tried to predict the gender in advance…”whats the baby’s heart rate?, What are you craving? You look awful, it must be a girl!” (that was my favorite). The ultrasound tech proudly announced “Its a boy!” Now I won’t lie, my heart sank a bit. But I thought it would be great to have a pal for his older brother. And my third, who WILL be a girl, will definitely be protected! Shortly after, we decided it was time to try for our “girl”. I followed the “Shettles Method” and other tips and tricks that I read that would GUARANTEE our girl! We were blessed with our third pregnancy, our “girl”. I counted the days until the ultrasound and dreamed of American Girl dolls and tea parties. It was D-day. Ultrasound time. I was certain we had done everything right. All signs pointed to girl! I was even saying “she” when I referred to the baby. I laid in the chair and the tech asked us “do you want to know the sex?” With optimistic caution, we replied yes. He responded, “Its a BOY!” Silence filled the room. My husband turned to me with a terrified look that said “oh crap!”as tears began to stream down my face. “But I have two boys I said, are you sure?” The tech assured me that it was in fact another boy and we could always get a girl dog! My dreams of pink and princesses were over. To those who have struggled with infertility, I know this sounds so shallow. And looking back now it was. Any baby is the most amazing gift from God. A healthy baby is what is important. I have since learned the lesson of my life, and know now how this couldn’t be more true. This is my journey, my life with 3 boys, who I am utterly, totally,head over heels in love with. Being a mom to 3 boys has taught me that you don’t always get what you want, but you get what you need. And there is no doubt in my mind that I need these 3 perfect boys in my life and I would never have it another way!! Would I still want a girl? Absolutely. But if it in is our plan to have another baby, I’ve got HIS name picked out!

The "Guys"

The “Guys”