Is it a Girl?

Ever since I was a little girl, I had dreams of being a mom to little girls. Playing Princesses, bows,curls,tutus,PINK,PINK and more PINK! So there we were, 10 years ago, DINKS with a positive pregnancy test in our hand. In my head I thought, “I’d love a girl, but an older brother would be great.” Sure enough, when the ultrasound tech asked us if we wanted to know the sex of course there was a unanimous “YES” between my husband and I.  It was a BOY! We were both really excited, and he was healthy which was all that mattered. The second pregnancy came, and my urge for a girl was even stronger. This pregnancy was so different and I was convinced it was a girl. I got all the comments from people that tried to predict the gender in advance…”whats the baby’s heart rate?, What are you craving? You look awful, it must be a girl!” (that was my favorite). The ultrasound tech proudly announced “Its a boy!” Now I won’t lie, my heart sank a bit. But I thought it would be great to have a pal for his older brother. And my third, who WILL be a girl, will definitely be protected! Shortly after, we decided it was time to try for our “girl”. I followed the “Shettles Method” and other tips and tricks that I read that would GUARANTEE our girl! We were blessed with our third pregnancy, our “girl”. I counted the days until the ultrasound and dreamed of American Girl dolls and tea parties. It was D-day. Ultrasound time. I was certain we had done everything right. All signs pointed to girl! I was even saying “she” when I referred to the baby. I laid in the chair and the tech asked us “do you want to know the sex?” With optimistic caution, we replied yes. He responded, “Its a BOY!” Silence filled the room. My husband turned to me with a terrified look that said “oh crap!”as tears began to stream down my face. “But I have two boys I said, are you sure?” The tech assured me that it was in fact another boy and we could always get a girl dog! My dreams of pink and princesses were over. To those who have struggled with infertility, I know this sounds so shallow. And looking back now it was. Any baby is the most amazing gift from God. A healthy baby is what is important. I have since learned the lesson of my life, and know now how this couldn’t be more true. This is my journey, my life with 3 boys, who I am utterly, totally,head over heels in love with. Being a mom to 3 boys has taught me that you don’t always get what you want, but you get what you need. And there is no doubt in my mind that I need these 3 perfect boys in my life and I would never have it another way!! Would I still want a girl? Absolutely. But if it in is our plan to have another baby, I’ve got HIS name picked out!

The "Guys"

The “Guys”

2 thoughts on “Is it a Girl?

  1. Effie

    I’m so happy that I was not the only one to feel a little disappointed when the tech said, “Oh and there is proof he’s a boy”…. Not that I wanted my child to be unhealthy and after the first initial shock was thrilled… I just had these dreams of raising a girl who looked like me, would love to hear about my past and possibly wear my wedding gown…. none of those are here. But that’s okay because I wouldn’t give up the smelliness that is my boys!


    1. emilyd126 Post author

      No you’re definitely not alone! I literally walked out into the hall, sat down and cried when I found out. I read somewhere that its almost like you’re grieving the loss of a daughter that you will never have. The One who will look like you, whose hair you will braid, Who you will go shopping with, Who you will get manicures with..And that’s okay. It doesn’t mean you don’t love your sons. When my third son was born there were some health issues and he ended up going back to the hospital. I prayed to God so hard and felt so responsible for it. I thought it must have been because I was disappointed when I found out his gender when all that matters is a healthy baby. how true that is! And I thank God every day that he was okay. I look at him now and I am so crazy in love with him that I cannot ever imagine my life any other way. You will learn to love being a mom of three boys! It’s a unique situation and only the most special moms get to live it 😉



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