I Never….oh yes I have!

Last night was one of those beautiful nights. You know the kind. You pay a babysitter an insane amount of money to watch your kids while you go out with friends and try to re-live your 20’s. So there we were, Out at a bar having a great time and the suggestion to play an old drinking game from our college days called “I Never”, also know as “Never Have I Ever” came up. Everyone kind of looked around hesitantly at each other as this game is an infamous fight starter (You did WHAT? WHEN? Weren’t we dating then? You didn’t send me those pictures!). Not this time, I’ve been married to my husband for 12 years. There is nothing we don’t know about each other. So we decided to play. For those of you who don’t know the game “I Never”, it’s a game where someone will say something like “I’ve never cheated on a test”. If you’re sitting at the table and HAVE done this, you have to drink. Let’s just say I was somewhat of a troublemaker (God Bless my parents) and my first beer was gone within minutes. Quickly I was on my second, and third and thats when it started to get a little fuzzy. The next thing I knew I was dancing on an open patio in 30° weather, that was until my not so 20 year old knee gave out on me. I’m paying for that today. But we can save that for another blog. But this game got me thinking today, as I was laying on the couch all day long (Another reminder that I am no longer 20). How am I going to handle those days when my kids grow up? Will I be the helicopter mom that parks outside of the party and peeks in the windows, or will I hand my sons a box of condoms and say “go get ’em tiger, and bring me a six pack on the way home”. I hope somewhere in between. I thought I was safe and I had years to decide their fate until today I was sitting in the family room as my 9 year old son played Minecraft on the computer in the room next to me. All of a sudden I heard him yell at the screen “Wussies”! Although, it wasn’t wussies, it RHYMED with wussies but started with a P. To my horror I started the inquisition…”Where did you hear that? Which one of your friends talks like that? Did you hear that on YouTube? I’m blocking Youtube!” My husband casually walked into the room and said “I got this…Jay, thats not a nice word to call someone. I don’t want to hear you saying it again or you will be grounded”. Bam, done. End of conversation. Effective and to the point. Kids are going to be influenced by everything around them and I’ve learned, or I’m going to have to real quick, that I can’t keep them in a bubble. They are going to grow up, make mistakes, fall down and get back up again. It’s this thing we call life. Would I like to keep their ears covered and every ounce of alcohol kept away from their lips for the rest of their lives? You bet. Is that going to happen? Not a chance in hell. If anything, I want my kids to feel like they can call me and say they’ve had a little too much to drink and would I please pick them up? If I instill the fear of God in them I know they won’t ever do that and I might end up wishing I handled things a lot differently. So I guess what I’m saying is that kids are going to be kids. I can tell them what is right and I can tell them what is wrong but they are going to do what they want in the end. I just want them to know that I am there for them during that crazy time that we call adolescence. They are going to be ok, and smart and successful and anything they want to be. Even if they fall a few times, because their dad and I will be there to pick them up. And if there is one thing I want them to know, its that. They are LOVED beyond words. And besides, I turned ok didn’t I?


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