Let It Be

“Let it be”…That’s my new motto. For some reason my entire life I’ve always been so concerned about making people happy and making sure that no one is upset. I don’t know why I feel that strong urge. When I feel something’s just not right, I feel like I’m being punched in the stomach, even when there is usually nothing wrong. I will ask again and again for reassurance. I can hear my friends and family annoyingly shaking their head in unison right now 😐 lol! I don’t think there is anything wrong with caring too much, it’s all about how you handle it. Ever since I was young I can remember feeling that way. When you write a blog you choose to share your personal feelings and flaws. This is one of mine. I think it’s insecurity and anxiety. Especially now, when I’m drinking a cocktail or two (maybe 3?) I feel it’s especially important to clear the air. I have that courage. The courage I don’t always carry. And as we all know that’s Definitely not the right time. lol! My best friend from NY can attest to the MANY conversations we’ve had over the years. But if you don’t argue I think that’s worse. I think it means there’s nothing left to fight for. I just want all of my family and friends to know how much I love them and from this point on I’m going to just “let things be”. There’s always people who push things under the rug or put a Band-Aid over issues. I’m exactly the opposite. My dear poor husband is never allowed loud to push anything under the rug. He has learned to communicate and he has learned to communicate fast. Lol. But we can overcommunicate too. I had my 40th birthday party this weekend and I was so overwhelmed all by all of the amazing people in my life. I always want it to be that way. I’m blessed beyond words, I need to remember that! Silly me. It brings tears to my eyes to think about all of the special people I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by. This year it’s going to be important to me to make more attempts to be with the people that mean the most to me, let more things go, quit reading into things WAY TOO MUCH, realize that people aren’t always going to get along and that’s a natural part of life, but in the end I know that every single person that matters to me would be there for me in any situation and I would drop absolutely anything to do that for them. I’m not perfect but I want to try harder to let those people know how much I care and there is so many subtle ways to do it. So here is too letting go, quit overthinking, letting life take its course, loving and most importantly enjoying it all. Life is fragile and we never know what tomorrow may bring. So here’s to breaking a 30 year old bad habits and living the life you deserve!


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