Silent night


3:28 AM. A door opens, closes and opens again. I try to ignore it but I can’t. I have to see whats going on. I open my door to see Jay in his doorway holding Rudy, our cat. “He bit me in the head”, he says as he tosses Rudy in the hallway. Rudy sachets down the hallway as if biting people in the head at 3:30 in the morning is a normal occurrence and he owns the place. “It’s okay” I say, “he was probably just playing with your hair”. Door slams. Oh no, I hope that slam doesn’t wake anyone else up!  I’m officially awake now. And there goes the spinning wheels in my head. All of the stuff that has to be done tomorrow! oy! I finally start to doze off to sleep.

3:51 AM. “Mommy! MOMMY!! I drag my tired self out of bed again to see Rex standing at the door ” I wat u lay with me. In MY room!” Too tired to protest, I grab my comfiest pillow and head over to the twin size bed next-door. Now I’m really awake. I can count on being awake until at least 5 now and soon I will hear the horrid ring of the alarm. Its one of those things, you can’t sleep so you keep looking at the clock, Ok if I fall asleep now I have 4 more hours of sleep, etc, etc, Until your down to about two hours left and you finally fall asleep.

Just a little background. I’m a gal who loves me some sleep!! Waking up in the morning for me is one of the most painful things I have to endure every day. I see so many moms out there who have grocery shopped and taken their kids on play dates and cleaned their house by the time I have gotten dressed. I envy those moms. How do I become one? But the sweet sweet slumber just takes over my body and I can’t fight it. And to make matters worse I have guilt attached to it. See, I have a husband who is one of those morning people. Imagine how I feel when he gets up at 6 AM on Saturday morning and by the time I’m up at the lazy bum hour of 830 he has already gone to Home Depot 20 times, gotten donuts, raked the leaves and read the paper. I try to justify it by saying some people just need more sleep, maybe they do? I’d like to test that theory. Imagine the enjoyment I had when I had newborns who were constantly demanding their food all throughout the night! Just sleep little ones, I begged! But I survived, and they did too somehow. Kids have no idea how lucky they have it. They can take NAPS, but they act like it is the end of the world to have to take one. I tell them its like giving away gold. They’ll realize that one day. Until then this sleeping beauty is going to to have to drag herself out of bed like the rest of the functioning world or until they start school at 11:00 am and bedtime is midnight, I’m just going to have to deal. Only 15 years or so until I get to sleep in? It’ll be here before you know it. And you know what, I’ll be balling my eyes out wishing I had the days of their youth back.


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